The cosy must-have of the year.

Our Super Kid Mohair jumpers are a true masterpiece. The high-quality Italian yarn, with 70% of the finest mohair, makes each piece a luxurious wearing experience. Immerse yourself in the unique comfort and timeless elegance of this jumper that will keep you warm while letting you shine fashionably. Available in four aesthetic one-size models.

Como jumpler



The Como model has voluminous puff sleeves and a wide, elegant round neckline.

Suzi jumper



The Suzi model has long and loose sleeves. The wide V-neck makes the jumper fit perfectly to any figure.

Super soft!

Mohair is known for softness and silkiness. Its softness is often compared to cashmere, but it feels slightly different.

Very light!

Despite its strength and durability, mohair is lightweight, making it a good choice for lightweight and breathable garments.


Mohair is less prone to allergies compared to other animal fibres like wool. It lacks the lanolin that can be in wool.

Weather all-rounder!

Mohair has good insulation properties, warms in cold weather and is breathable in warm weather.

Neli jumper

Choco Light

Off White

The model Neli has casual and long sleeves and a simple round neckline.

Mari jumper



The Mari model has long sleeves and a generous hood for added comfort. The front is slightly shorter than the back.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are reduced for orders above 100€, and we will ship your order the next business day, if available. In most cases, the delivery arrives within 2–8 days.


Your favourite jumper is sold out? Our jumpers arrive in our warehouse every 1–2 weeks. Your parcel will usually be delivered within 10–15 days.

Answers to frequent questions

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